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About Christopher Hinze

A proud Texan and resident of Fort Worth, Christopher Hinze is a talented and successful business owner whose experience extends into both domestic and international operations. Since May 2021, Chris has been operating Arise Lending, which he co-founded with his wife, and where he now serves as Owner providing clients with commercial real estate, mortgage lending, real estate marketing, and general real estate services.

Through Arise Lending, Christopher Hinze and the team are excited to be enabling individuals and families to buy the homes of their dreams. With loan programs that include conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, and Non-QM, Arise wants to simplify the complex process of buying a home by using transparency and effective communication.

Through the success of his businesses, Chris and his wife Bailey have been able to actualize their passion for serving others by traveling overseas to teach and learn from those in both the Middle East and Africa. One of the upcoming projects they’re most excited about is breaking ground on their first house in Uganda in 2022, and they are planning next on building a school.

Christopher Hinze also works with a team of trusted and experienced home buying experts, called Home Buyer Heroes. Home Buyer Heroes provide multiple solutions to homeowners who are ready to sell. They are committed to ensuring you receive the quickest and most competitive cash offer and are completely genuine when investing in the communities. 

Chris Hinze

More about Christopher

Additionally, in his career, Christopher Hinze is the Owner of Ekklesia Real Estate, which he opened in 2019 and continues to operate full-time in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The company – whose name translates to “called out ones” – was founded on a mission of putting people first while serving and helping the Fort Worth community, Texas, the United States, and the world. At Ekklesia Real Estate, Chris works with a talented team of investors and real estate agents who are ready to invest in your life through real estate investment. 

As a talented and refined entrepreneur, Christopher Hinze has developed professional experience in areas that include leadership, research, writing, public speaking, and problem-solving. He also became known for his abilities in management, team leadership, investment properties, creating sustainable business practices, and teamwork. 

Before joining the team at Ekklesia Real Estate, Chris worked as the Director of Property Acquisitions for 6th Avenue Homes, where he worked for a year at the real estate one-stop shop for services covering buying, selling, design, and construction from 2018 to 2019. Prior to 6th Ave Homes, Christopher Hinze worked as the Country Director for Overland Missions for more than three years. 

Christopher Hinze built the foundation of his knowledge and career experience at Texas A&M University, now the largest university by student body in the United States. While a student at the College Station-based institution, Chris began honing and refining his skills in leadership. He graduated in 2015 with his Bachelor’s degree in International and Global Studies from the University. 

Learn more about Christopher Hinze on his LinkedIn profile or by visiting his blog page regularly for the latest updates!